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Press Release: TETFund Addressing Plight of Nigerian Lecturers on its Foreign Scholarship


  1. The Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund) wishes to address recent concerns raised by some stakeholders over the plight of some Nigerian lecturers studying in foreign institutions under the TETFund Scholarship for Academic Staff (TSAS) programme, who are requesting for bailout by the Fund to cater for shortfalls in their living expenses occasioned by fluctuations in Foreign Exchange.


  1. The Fund specifically notes appeals from scholars in Malaysia, India and Kenya, some of whom have written to the Honourable Minister of Education and the Fund, requesting for intervention to enable them complete their studies in their respective institutions.


  1. It is instructive to note that upon the introduction of the TSAS programme in 2008, full tuition and living expenses of scholars were disbursed directly by TETFund to their employers i.e. the Fund’s Beneficiary Institutions, who were expected as part of TETFund guidelines to warehouse approved training cost in respect of foreign scholarship in domiciliary accounts; and then disburse tuition to approved foreign institutions of study and living expenses into scholars’ foreign accounts upon receipt of progress report on academic standing.


  1. However, due to complaints by numerous scholars and certain observations on non-compliance to stipulated guidelines by Beneficiary Institutions, the mode of disbursement was reviewed in August 2019. With the review, TETFund commenced direct payment of tuition to foreign training institutions to mitigate the issue of exchange rate fluctuations, while disbursement of living expenses was still made to Beneficiary Institutions for retention in domiciliary accounts before transfer to scholars, as a way of protecting the scholarship bond signed with their employers. Based on the foregoing, TETFund has been up to date in tuition payment to the training institutions of all affected scholars and indeed other institutions where TETFund scholars undergo various programmes.


  1. It is pertinent to state that despite the requirement of operating domiciliary accounts for living expenses of foreign scholars, some Beneficiary Institutions still kept such funds in local currency. Consequently, due to non-compliance to this requirement, scholars are often cut up on volatility of foreign exchange arising from the practice of keeping their stipends in local currency. To address this anomaly, TETFund with effect from 2022, commenced payment of living expenses directly to scholars after the first year until the end of the programme, with the burden of exchange rate variation borne by the Fund. TETFund has also signed Memoranda of Understanding with some foreign institutions to safeguard its scholars and ensure seamless academic activities.


  1. While it is regrettable that scholars from Beneficiary Institutions that fail to open domiciliary accounts are most affected by the current impasse, the Fund has taken a position not to punish the scholars for non-compliance by their home institutions. Accordingly, the shortfalls in living expenses of the scholars are currently being computed by the Fund. This will be paid directly to eligible scholars and recovered from subsequent allocations of affected Beneficiary Institutions.


  1. Furthermore, given the steady rise in the cost of living index in these foreign countries, the Management of TETFund has also proposed increase in the rates of living expenses to scholars with effect from the 2023/2024 Academic year.


  1. This exercise is ongoing and we appeal to affected scholars to be patient as we conclude individual computations and obtain necessary approvals for the extra budgetary expenditure.


  1. To douse the apprehension of affected scholars, the Executive Secretary of TETFund held a virtual meeting with the affected scholars and Management decisions towards resolving the impasse have been communicated accordingly.


  1. We sincerely express our deep appreciation to our stakeholders, including the media who have shown concern over the issue and seize this opportunity to reassure all that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu is empathic to the plight of our scholars and directed a speedy resolution of the matter. The Fund is also committed to implementing the Academic Staff Training programme with a deep sense of responsibility, transparency and accountability.



Abdulmumin Oniyangi

Ag. Director, Public Affairs

For: Executive Secretary

Comments (13)

How may I benefits from tetfund I want study abroad thank you


I have admission to read Bsc Petroleum engineering at Uganda University , I have International Passport but yet to get Sponsor, how will I get your Scholarship?pls assit

I want be part of the beneficiaries how can i get the scholarship?

Good day, i am Mr Adamu Sulaiman from Nigeria Police Academy, i wish to state that scholars benefiting local funding are suffering the same fate as the foreign scholars. Similarly, the cost tuition fee per session in some local universities in Nigeria are about two million, but the Fund often approve uniform tuition fee local beneficiaries.

Please give consideration to my comment. Local beneficiaries are suffering the same issue as the foreign scholars.

Thanks in anticipation of your response, please.

When will it going to be out.send to my email

Message *being a beneficiary of this event is a dream come true for a lot of people like me.
more grace for the race indeed your doing wonderful

TETFUND should allow non teaching staff to enjoying scholarship . Most non teaching staff having more qualification more than teaching staff.

Dear Sir,
Thank you very much for showing concern over the plight of TETFUND foreign beneficiaries. Sir, I want to make a personal plea in respect to the computing of bail out fund for beneficiaries.
For some unknown reasons, my name was omitted in the displayed list of eligible beneficiaries for the period in question.
My name is Daniel Omoruan and a lecturer in Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma and i am studying for PhD at Durban University of Technology, Durban, South Africa.
Sir, it will be appreciated if I can be considered for inclusion in the list despite the omission in the first instance to enable me conclude my studies unhindered.
Your’s faithfully,
Daniel Omoruan.
Thank you.

I have followed several posts on this platform concerning the TETfund bailout. It is quite unfortunate that there are no established criteria for the bailout. For clarity, I graduated from Lancaster University, United Kingdom, as a PhD scholar (Tetfund 2018 scholar), and ever since then, I have resumed my duties at my university. It is quite undeniable that Tetfund is a privilege, but the fact remains that anything worth doing is worth doing well. Sometimes I question if the Tetfund and our respective universities have learned any lessons since the establishment of the AST&D program. What is the policy direction of this programme and what are the corresponding KPIs and targets? Since the establishment of this body, bailouts have been a constant issue. While at Lancaster University, I witnessed the visitation of two prominent TetFund representatives. They are the current ES (then PS Federal Ministry of Education), NUC chief, Mrs. Briggs (now retried), Ibrahim Tijjani etc. Several complaints were raised by scholars, such as: exchange rate variation, yearly increment, deduction of percentage at the university level, etc. This issue is unresolved. Personal: I have to borrow money worth over £5,000 to pay for my cumulative tuition variation and exchange. There are some scholars who have a cumulative variation of over £10,000 and above. During COVID-19, we wrote a letter to Tetfund concerning our financial challenges, which was posted via DHL. Nothing was done about it. Personally, I have resolved within myself, and I have communicated my position to the DAP of my university concerning how I’m indebted financially. Evidence of some of my financial indebtedness is available with the university bursar.

Good morning sir.
Please when are expecting the bail out fund for foreign students. I filled in my Nigerian bank account. I hope that is OK. Or am supposed to fill my foreign account number.

I passionately wish to appeal to the acting executive secretary to please consider each individual willing to study abroad particularly in South Africa
Institutions that offers prospective scholars free tuition.
I am admitted to University of KwaZulu Natal for my PhD in Chemistry (2023/2024)with free tuition for three sessions. All I needed is finance for upkeep, medical insurance, accommodation and other miscellaneous expenses.
I am passionately appealing that I be assisted to accomplish my desire to acquire my PhD which will ultimately enhance my research and teaching capability.

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