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Equipment Fabrication


In response to the critical need to encourage innovation in our polytechnics, provision is made to support academic staff to fabricate equipment. Guidelines for accessing funds under this intervention are as follows:

  1. Only academic staff in science and Technology programmes are eligible for sponsorship;
  2. The funds are specifically for post-research equipment fabrication;
  3. Proposals forwarded to the Fund for release of funds must include the following;
  4. Background of Fabrication project.
  5. Aims and Objectives.
  6. Justification of the Fabrication.
  7. Materials and Methods.
  8. Priced Bill of quantities. (All items should be described/specified in details and priced using current market rates)
  9. Fabrication Work plan.
  10. A copy of the fabricators curriculum vitae (CV)
  11. Detailed Mechanical Design Drawings which should include (Orthographic, Isometric and Assembly drawings) for Mechanical components and Circuit diagram for Electrical components. This should be done on AutoCAD or any other drawing application.