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Education Support Service

  • Introduction:

1.1     The Department of Education Support Services (DESS) was created to manage and implement academic content-based intervention programmes of the Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund) for Public Tertiary Institutions in the country. These are essentially non-infrastructural intervention programmes which focuses on capacity building; for human (lecturers) development on one hand and intellectual materials (books, journals, periodicals and e-resources) development in our public tertiary institutions.

 2.0      The Functions of Education Support Services (ESS) Department:

  1. Advising the Management and the Board of Trustees on all academic and content-based TETFund intervention programmes/project within its purview;
  2. Coordination, Management and implementation of all TETFund academic and content-based intervention programmes/projects in beneficiary institutions;
  3. Receiving and processing submissions/proposals from beneficiary institutions for disbursement with respect to the various intervention lines assigned to the Department;
  4. Acts as the Secretariat of the Technical Advisory Group on Higher Education Book Development Project;
  5. Acts as the Secretariat of the Education Programmes Committee (EPC) of the Board of Trustees;
  6. Conducting Verification visits to project/programmes coordinated and managed by ESS Department.


3.0     Structure of Education Support Services (ESS) Department:

There are 3 Divisions in the Department structured along the current activities being handled by the Department viz:

    • Library Development Division;
    • Academic Manuscript to Book Division; and
  • Technical Advisory Group Activities on Higher Education Book Development.

The Department of Education Support Services has Forty Two (42) members of staff.

3.1       Library Development Intervention:

This intervention is designed to ensure availability of learning resources in public tertiary educational institution by providing books, journals, periodicals and e-resources in line with global trend, and equipment, for which funds are allocated on an annual basis.

After submissions received (prepared in line with the Fund’s guidelines) from beneficiaries are vetted and found satisfactory, Approval-in-Principle is issued. At the conclusion of procurement processes (as guided by the Public Procurement (2007) Act) by the beneficiaries, the 1st Tranche of 85% is disbursed and 15%, final tranche is released after favourable verification report from the Department of Monitoring & Evaluation.

3.2       Academic Manuscript to Book Intervention:

The AMB intervention is aimed at resuscitating, supporting and encouraging authorship of relevant indigenous academic textbooks for teaching, and learning in Nigeria’s public tertiary institutions. This intervention enables lecturers to develop and produce their academic manuscripts into textbooks through funds made available to the institutions on annual basis.  Successfully vetted submissions (as guided by the Funds guidelines on AMB Intervention guidelines) are recommended for approval, following which 85% is disbursed for the publication and on completion with a favourable verification report the 15% final tranche is released to the beneficiary institution.

Additionally, the in house Library of the Fund is supervised by the AMB Division of the Education Support Services (ESS) Department.


3.3       Technical Advisory Group (TAG) Activities on Higher Education Book Development:

To facilitate the implementation of Higher Education Book Development Programme, the TETFund Board of Trustees (BOT) in August 2019 reconstituted and inaugurated TAG-3 under the Chairmanship of Prof. Charles Aworh to deliver its mandate. The membership of Technical Advisory Group (TAG) is drawn from:

  1. Universities, (with each of the six-geo-political zones adequately represented);
  2. National Universities Commission (NUC);
  • National Board for Technical Education (NBTE);
  1. National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE);
  2. Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU)
  3. Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics (ASUP);
  • Colleges of Education Academic Staff Union (COEASU); and
  • Representatives of the Print Media.

The activities of TAG is also aimed at encouraging local production of higher education books by indigenous authors for national and international consumption. 

The TAG was charged with the following responsibilities viz:

  1. Harvest Doctorate theses and Masters’ dissertation from across the beneficiary Institutions for possible conversion into books;
  2. Screen proposals on manuscripts and theses/dissertations for development into academic textbooks and advising TETFund on fundable manuscripts/theses or dissertations;
  • Screen and advise TETFund on submissions from Professional Associations to support production of Journals;
  1. Recommend reviewers for screened manuscripts and theses/dissertations for engagement by TETFund for technical assessment of the manuscripts/theses/dissertations;
  2. Advise the Fund on how to enhance and improve the production of quality academic books, journals and other academic learning materials;
  3. Review materials for journal publication from relevant professional bodies ;and
  • Advise the Fund on development and sustainability of the Academic Publishing Centres (APC) being sponsored by the Fund.

The TAG presently in a bid to attain its mandate is operating through Three (3) Sub-Committee viz:

  1. The Book Publication Sub-Committee;
  2. The Journal Publication Sub-Committee; and
  • Academic Publishing Sub-Committee.


4.0     Brief On the On-Going Activities

4.1       Library Development Intervention:

Activities under this Intervention line is on annual routine basis; in the schedule below is the summary of allocation and disbursement to Public Tertiary Institutions from January 2019 to March 2020 in respect of Library Development:

COEs 27 1,574,135,000.00 1,338,014,750.00 2 95,000,000.00 80,750,000.00
Polytechnics 11 1,050,000,000.00 892,500,000.00 8 585,000,000.00 497,250,000.00
Universities 20 3,642,000,000.00 3,095,700,000.00 13 224,000,000.00 190,400,000.00
TOTAL   6,266,135,000.00 5,326,214,750.00   904,000,000.00 768,400,000.00


4.2       Academic Manuscripts Into Books:

Activities under this Intervention line is on annual routine basis; in the schedule below is the summary of allocation and disbursement to Public Tertiary Institutions from January 2019 to March 2020 in respect of Academic Manuscript into Books:

COEs 45 135,603,323.00 115,262,824.55 8 17,462,500.00 14,843,125.00
Polytechnics 44 165,838,435.00 140,962,669.75 11 14,143,370.00 12,021,864,50
Universities 47 252,099,964.00 214,284,969.40 10 25,667,500.00 21,817,375.00
TOTAL   553,541,722.00 470,510,463.70   57,273,370.00 48,682,364.50


4.3        Technical Advisory Group (TAG):

The Executive Secretary granted approval for the production of Forty-Three (43) Basic Textbooks in various disciplines, written by Nigeria Authors.

There are Seven (7)  APC’s (Academic Publishing Centre) across the country; Four of the APCs (Lagos, Yola, Minna and Calabar) are substantially completed and commissioned while the completion process for the remaining Three (3)  APCs (Sokoto, Akwa and Abuja) is on-going.

A total of sixty-one (61) Professional Associations have received financial support from the Fund; and at the last meeting of TAG Seven (7) Professional Association Journal were recommended to the Fund for support.