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Directorate (Executive Secretary’s office)


The Office of the Director, Executive Secretary’s Office was established by the Fund in 2009 to assist the Executive Secretary in the discharge of his enormous statutory duties as Chief Executive of the Fund. The Director coordinates the activities of the Units in the Office of the Executive Secretary and provides technical assistance to the Executive Secretary. He also ensures that there is efficiency and effectiveness in the operations of the office.

1.1    The Department (Executive Secretary’s Office) is headed by a Director who reports to the Executive Secretary. The Department comprises four main units namely:
  1. Office of the Executive Secretary;
  2. Internal Audit Unit; and
  3. Legal and Board Secretariat Services Unit; and
    SERVICOM Unit.

The three specialized Units (Legal, Audit and Servicom) have a direct channel of communication to the Executive Secretary on professional issues while DESO coordinates their administrative activities.


           The specific duties of the Directorate are as follows:

  1. Assisting the Executive Secretary in the discharge of his statutory duties;
  2. The day to day administration of the Fund;
  3. Keeping the books and proper records of the proceedings of the Board of Trustees;
  4. The administration of the Secretariat of the Board of Trustees; and
  5. The general direction and control of all other employees of the Fund.
  6. Supervising the administrative activities of the specialized Units in the Department namely; Internal Audit, Legal and Board Secretariat Services and Servicom Units;
  7. Implementation of special programmes initiated by the Executive Secretary;
  8. Providing secretarial support and handling of correspondences/letters requiring the Executive Secretary’s attention when directed; and
  9. Performing any special or adhoc duties as may be assigned by the Executive Secretary.