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Research & Development Center of Excellence

 Department of Research & Development / Centers of Excellence

The Department of Research & Development/ Centers of Excellence (R&D/CE) is saddled with the responsibility of coordinating, managing and implementing some of the academic content based intervention programmes of the Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFUND) which was hitherto being carried out by the Department of Education Support Services. All the activities for 2018 as presented in the report was compiled from the record of the Education Support Services Department.

The academic content based intervention includes:

1. Institution-Based Research (IBR);

2. Academic Research Journal (ARJ); and

3. National Research Fund (NRF).


1. Institution Based Research (IBR):

TETFund IBR intervention is aimed at supporting and enhancing basic academic research activities by scholars in our public tertiary institutions which had been abandoned due to paucity of funds.  In essence, the intervention has brought back to life the culture of research and development as a core mandate of tertiary education sector of a growing economy.

Under this intervention, funds are disbursed to the beneficiaries annually to fund basic research proposals from lecturers of all the 214 public tertiary institutions in Nigeria

2. Academic Research Journal (ARJ):

This initiative was designed to encourage production of quality academic journals with empirical research findings by lecturers of public tertiary institutions.

3. National Research Fund (NRF):

The National Research Fund (NRF) was introduced to encourage cutting edge research that explore research areas that are relevant to societal needs of the nation e.g. power and energy, health, security, employment and wealth creation etc.