NO 6 Zambezi Crescent, Off Aguiyi Ironsi Street, Maitama, Abuja, FCT Nigeria

Academic Staff Trainning & Development


The Academic Staff Training and Development (AST&D) became a fully functional Department in the year 2013. The AST&D Department has three (3) main Academic/Content- based Interventions namely:

  1. TETFund Scholarship for Academic Staff (TETFSAS)     Programmes introduced in 2008;
  2. Conference Attendance (CA)- Programmes introduced in 2010; and
  3. Teaching Practice (TP)-introduced in 2012

There are a total of 214 numbers of Public (State and Federal) Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria that are beneficiaries of the Department’s intervention programmes as follows:

  1. Public Universities                   – 81
  2. Public Polytechnics                  – 64
  3. Public Colleges of Education    – 69



The AST&D Department has the responsibility for effective co-ordination and implementation of the various intervention lines domiciled in the Department for the overall attainment of the mandate of the Fund.

The basic functions of the AST&D) Department are:

  1. Ensuring effective co-ordination as well as delivery of Academic-based intervention Programmes as designed by the Fund in accordance with its mandate;
  2. Ensuring the vetting of submissions received from all TETFund Beneficiaries as stipulated in the Fund’s guidelines;
  3. Ensuring that allocated intervention funds are accessed by Beneficiary Institutions and facilitate processing of disbursements of all intervention programmes domiciled in the department in line with extant guidelines and procedures;
  4. Ensuring prompt and quality delivery of all TETFund educational intervention programmes domiciled in the Department;
  5. Ensuring cordial, effective and sustainable partnership with beneficiaries of TETFund Scholarship for Academic Staff (TETFSAS) intervention programmes;
  6. Inspecting and verifying the deployment of funds disbursed under the local and foreign components of the TETFund Scholarship for Academic Staff Intervention Programmes, as well as Teaching Practice Supervision programme; and
  7. Providing advice to Management on issues relating to Intervention Programmes domiciled in the Department.