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ICT Support Intervention


601 – The ICT Support Intervention is to enable the Beneficiary institutions enhance their website visibility and for training of both Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff so that they can be proficient in ICT.

Requirements for ICT Support Intervention

 602 –  Requirements for Accessing funds for ICT Support – To access the funds for the allocation, the following requirements shall be complied with:-

  1. Beneficiary institutions must show evidence of a functional and properly constituted ICT Development Committee (ICTDC) which shall be chaired by the Director, ICT of the beneficiary Institution (BI);
  2. Submission of ICT Policy (ICTP) document of the BI;
  • Submission of ICT project list based on ICTDP of BI and ICT item specifications in accordance with TETFund template for ICT Intervention;
  1. All submissions must be accompanied with the minutes of the meeting of BI’s ICT Development Committee;
  2. All proposals must be submitted in hard and soft copies (flash drive) to the Executive Secretary. Advance copy may be sent to;
  3. All submissions must be accompanied with a covering letter signed by or on behalf of the head of the BI;
  • Executive summary of the proposal by the institution should be included in the submission; and
  • 30% of the total allocation shall be used for website improvement/re-structuring, while the remaining 70% shall be used for ICT training as specified in the “Training Template”.


Additional Information

603 – In addition to the above requirements, beneficiary institutions should note that:

  1. Once approval is granted for procurement/execution of ICT projects substitution or change in the approved specifications and terms of acquisition shall not be entertained; and
  2. Funds for ICT Support Intervention shall not be utilized for procurement of consumables or any other items that is not of direct academic benefit to the BI.