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GUIDELINES FOR ACCESSING AND UTILIZING OF LIBRARY INTERVENTION FUNDS                                                                                                                    

The main objective of this intervention shall be to support beneficiary institutions to have modern library equipment, alongside current and relevant books and holding. (Hard and e-copies as the case may be) of the various courses being offered.

Disbursement of funds shall be in two tranches of 85% and 15%

Covering Letter/Request for AIP;

  1. Requirements for issuance of Approval–In–Principle are as follows:


  1. Executive Summary of the Proposals
  2. List of Books Stating the Author, Title, Publishers, Year of Publication, ISBN Number Quantity, Unit Cost and Amount;
  • List of Equipment stating Manufacturer, Specifications Unit cost and Total cost;
  1. Genuine Pro-forma Invoice from reputable and relevant sources, including sample photographs of such equipment and books
  2. For furniture-related procurements, catalogues/photographs of the type of wood to be used;
  3. For E-library, detailed specification / description of the items shall be provided with cost;
  • At least 70% of total allocation shall be used for procurement of books andperiodicals while the balance shall be for furniture and library equipment; 
  • Beneficiary institutions shall show evidence of a functional and properly constituted Library Development Committee (LCD) Which meets and makes recommendations to the Head of Institution on matters relating to the library;
  1. Submission of the Library Collection Development Policy (CDP) (Including Electronic Resources (e-Resources for the institution;
  2. Submission of list of books to be procured shall be made based on the Institution’s CDP and guided by the TETFund template.


  1. Submission of other Library Resources, including tools and equipment to be procured shall be made in accordance with the TETFund template for acquisition of library resources;
  • All submissions shall be accompanied with the minutes (or decision extracts) of the meeting of the institution’s LDC.
  • All Proposals shall be submitted in hard and soft copies (flash drive). Advance copy may be sent to and
  1. In addition to the above requirements, Beneficiary Institutions should note that:


  1. Once approval is granted for procurement of books and/or other Library resources, substitutions and/or changes in approved specifications and terms of acquisition shall not be entertained;
  2. Funds for Library Development Intervention shall not be utilised for procurement of consumables or any other items outside the approval.
  • Detailed specification of proposed Equipment/Tools/Furniture (e.g ICT equipment, Binding Equipment, Furniture, and other relevant tools MUST be provided)
  1. Request for accessing first tranche should be within Four (4) months stipulated in the AIP letter.
  2. Invitation for Financial Bids Opening shall be at least three (3) weeks before the opening of the tender.
  3. All procured items under this Intervention line MUST have TETFund insignia, and year of intervention stamped on them.