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Guidelines and Requirements for Accessing Funds for Academic Research Journal (ARJ)

The objective of this intervention-line is to support the establishment and/or publication of scholarly journals in the beneficiary institutions.  Disbursement of this intervention is guided by the following:

  1. A letter of request duly signed by the Head of the Institution;
  2. Scholarly journal to be established or supported must be multidisciplinary [departmental journals are not eligible for this support];
  3. Up to a maximum of three (3) journals may be supported per beneficiary institution;

iii. Having in place, a properly composed editorial board with at least two-third of the members not in the employ of the beneficiary institution [provide list of members and their affiliation];

  1. Submission of a copy of the Guide to Authors, including editorial policy, detail house style [submission template] as well as copyright and permissions;
  2. Submission of evidence of registration with relevant abstracting and indexing services;
  3. Submission of evidence of registration of title with the National Library of Nigeria [issuance of ISSN];

vii. Evidence of availability and accessibility of the journal to be supported on at least one major knowledge gateway;  

viii. Having in place a functional and dynamic website for the journal to be supported that can also be accessed via at least one major knowledge gateway;  

  1. The hard copies to be produced for circulation should be at least 3,000 copies;
  2. Submission of copies of the last edition of the journals (where it exists) or an artist impression of the cover page (if it is being established);
  3. Three (3) copies of each TETFund funded edition should be forwarded to the Fund;

xii. The funds shall not be utilized for furnishing of journal secretariat, procurement of office equipment, or any other expenditure outside that of the production of the journal itself; and  

xiii. The Fund shall be acknowledged as the sponsor of the publication.