The Department is responsible for ensuring development of beneficiary’s physical infrastructure Intervention for teaching and learning in line with the policy of the Fund.

1.1    The Department handles the followings intervention line

1. Physical Infrastructure/Programme upgrade

2. Equipment Fabrication (Polytechnics only)

3. Entrepreneurship (Universities only)

4. TETFund Project Maintenance

5. Special High Impact

6. Zonal Intervention

2.0     Functions of Department of Physical Infrastructure Development

1. To determine admissible projects submitted by Beneficiaries in line with the Board of Trustees’ policy direction and outcome of project proposals defence;

2. Vet and reconcile project submissions in line with given allocations and obtainable best practices;

3. Recommend projects for Approval-in-Principle if okay;

4. Monitor the Due Processes for contractors engagement through attendance of Bid Openings at the Beneficiaries’ Institutions.

5. Recommend funds disbursement of First Tranche after compliance with the Due Process by beneficiaries;

6. Documents and archives project information in digitized data bases.

7. Translating Board Policies to action as it concerns project development/intervention;

8.Develop position papers on projects and present to the BOT;

9. Acts as Secretariat of the Projects Committee of the Board under the direction of the Executive Secretary;

10. Corresponding with beneficiaries on issues about their submissions;

11. Formulation of standards;

12. Making Professional input on beneficiaries’ submission whenever required for proper guidance;

13. Building and maintaining cost data.

3.0 Structure of the Department

The Department is structured into three (3) major divisions, with a support unit:

1. Annual Intervention

2. Special Intervention

3. Project Development

4. Registry, documentation and communication management unit.