Pursuant to the Fund’s Vision and Mission, the Human Resource Management Department is tasked to fully make its contributions towards the delivery of the mandate by providing highly professional skilled and motivated personnel; conducive and well secured work environment; procurement of high quality goods and services.

Consequently, a Human Resources Department policy is in place to take care of all personnel needs in terms of welfare, working tools, conducive working environment, as well as health and safety requirements.


The Human Resource Management is divided into the following subdivisions and sections;

  1. The Personnel Division
  2. The Procurement Division
  3. The General Services Division

The Personnel Division has the following Sections:

  1. The Manpower Planning, Training and Development;
  2. The Pension, Insurance and Welfare;
  3. Staff Housing Loan/ National Housing Fund Matters;
  4. Professionalism, Performance and Support (PP&S);
  5. The Registry and Records;

The Procurement Division has the following Sections:

  1. Tender Processes and Certification;
  2. Store  and Inventory Management;
  3. Compliance and Monitoring;
  4. Planning, Budgeting and Records;
  5. Tender Board Secretariat.

The General Services Division has the following Sections:

  1. Facilities Management;
  2. Transport and Logistics;
  3. Security and Sanitation;
  4. Catering, Health and Safety.


The Department is saddled with, but not limited to the following responsibilities:

  • Attract and retain qualified, competent and highly motivated employees at all levels of employment in the Fund;
  • Create and provide enabling environment of equal opportunity, Diversity / Inclusion irrespective of ethnic, gender, religion, tribe, etc
  • Provide the opportunity whenever possible to make personal contact with Management and Communicate opinions, suggestions and ideas freely.
  • Give all employees equal opportunity for promotion on the basis of merit, productivity, professionalism, commitment and personal discipline.
  • Promote joint consultation between Management and employees on all possible issues.
  • Ensure that the workplace environment is conducive for optimal job performance.
  • Ensure availability of serviceable vehicles at all times for the operations of the Fund.
  • Meet the needs of the Fund in terms of goods, works and services to enable the Board, Management and Staff perform their duties diligently, effectively and efficiently in line with Public Procurement Act, 2007.