The Directorate of the Executive Secretary’s office was created to support and coordinate the activities of the Executive Secretary which includes formation and analysis of policy at the Fund. The Executive Secretary is saddled with enormous responsibilities as the Chief Executive and Accounting Officer of the Fund.

The Executive Secretary is responsible for the day – to- day administration of the Fund. In addition, the Executive Secretary ensures the general direction and control of the Fund.  In order  to perform  these  challenging functions  and discharge  the duties thereto, the Board   created  the office  of the Director , Executive  Secretary’s Office  to support the Executive Secretary in the   discharge of this enormous  responsibility .


The Directorate is headed by a Director who reports to the Executive Secretary. The Directorate comprises of three main units namely:

a)     Zonal Office Coordination

b)     Special Duties

c)      Administrative coordination of the units under the Executive Secretary’s office: namely the Legal unit, Audit unit and Servicom unit. Though, these units have a direct channel to Executive Secretary on certain issues.


The summary of the functions and responsibilities of the Director, Executive Secretary’s Office include, but are not limited to the following:

  •   Support the Executive Secretary in the management of the Executive Secretary’s office to function efficiently and effectively, especially in respect of policy matters.
  •  Coordinates and supervises the operations of the Zonal offices vide clearly established communication protocols.
  •   Representing the Executive Secretary at official functions as may be assigned by the Executive Secretary.
  •   Handling of correspondences/letters for the Executive Secretary’s attention.
  •  Performs complimentary duties and functions as may be assigned by the Executive Secretary, including oversight responsibilities in respect of operational units in the office of the ES, being Legal/Board Secretariat Services, Internal Audit and SERVICOM Units.