• Responsible for all corporate and public communication matters that affect the image and integrity of TETFund and as may be determined from time to time;

  • Ensures that all TETFund events are well publicized including video and photo coverage;

  • Liaises with relevant Departments for website content, facilitate availability of TETFund services and images to be posted on the website in collaboration with the ICT Department;

  • Monitors media coverage of TETFund through daily reading of newspapers and other various media and reporting to the Executive Secretary, issues pertaining to the Fund;

  • Preparation and vetting of speeches, press releases and media presentation on behalf of TETFund as may be required during special functions and occasions;

  • Production of TETFund Newsletter, Annual Reports and other relevant publications concerning the Fund;

  • Responsible for local and international travelling arrangements for the Board of Trustees and the Executive Secretary of the Fund such as visa procurement, passport procurement and renewal as well as Note Verbale for Board, Management and Staff;

  • Production of documentaries on the Fund including jingles and advert placements for airing in both print and electronic media;

  • Arranging for the production of TETFund branded souvenirs and gift items for presentation to stakeholders and at important events and ceremonies; and

  • Performs any other duties as may be assigned by the Executive Secretary.


Structure of the Department of Corporate Affairs and Public Relations

The Department is made up of three (3) Divisions namely:

  • Corporate Affairs and Public Relations

  • Publication and Media Division

  • Protocol Division


Functions of the Corporate Affairs and Public Relations Division

  • Provides guidance to journalists as well as photo-journalists on areas of coverage during TETFund events.

  • Mobilizes the media for effective coverage of TETFund activities.

  • Monitors end results of jingles and documentaries on TETFund.

  • Monitors and reviews newspaper reports, radio and Television Programme

           concerning the Fund.

  • Planning, coordinating and handling of courtesy visits to the Fund


Functions of the Publication and Media Division

  • Produces TETFund News Magazine.

  • Produces the Fund’s Monthly Newsletter, TETFund News Panorama.

  • Produces TETFund Annual Report.

  • Produces the Fund’s in-house Publication, TETFund at a Glance.

  • Gathers news items and pictures concerning the activities of the Fund from other Departments/Units for publication.

  • Engages in Special Features Writing.

  • Production of Documentaries.

  • Conceptualizing contents for adverts/announcements/jingles in the media.

  • Facilitates placement of adverts/announcements/jingles in the media.


Functions of the Protocol Division

  • Handles travelling arrangements for Board Members, the Executive Secretary and Staff.

  • Advise on travel and entry requirements.

  • Pursues the issuance, renewal and extension of visa and passports.

  • Procures Note Verbale for official trips of the Fund.

  • Accompanies Board Members, Executive Secretary and members of Management to the airport for travelling formalities.

  • Makes arrangement to receive the Fund’s special visitors, Board Members and the Executive Secretary at the airport.

  • Makes arrangement for transportation and accommodation of the Fund’s visitors when/where necessary.

  • Secures and arranges venue for all TETFund functions.